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FMCSA seeks comments on ELD exemption request for fireworks haulers

Republican lawmakers send letter to EPA in opposition of glider kit proposal

Truck drivers help end suicide attempt on Interstate 696 in Michigan

Chameleon companies Daya Trucking/Ekam Truck Lines declared imminent hazard

TRACER ALERT: Red 2014 International ProStar stolen in Maryland

Missouri Court of Appeals declares warrantless ECM download a no-no
A ruling on evidence suppression from Missouri Court of Appeals regarding a 2015 involuntary manslaugh…

Government research should study inefficiencies of government research
Recently, the Transportation Research Board’s Truck Size and Weight Limits Research Plan Committee rel…

I hate it when the Jake Brake wrinkles my dress
How many times during a working day do each of us hear the word “safety” thrown around? It’s a six-let…

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TANDEM THOUGHTS: Missouri Court of Appeals declares warrantless ECM download a no-no

Tennessee 'defunds' ELD enforcement on ag haulers operating under federal waiver

Nebraska approves higher speed limits; other states consider changes

CARB fines two mega carriers for noncompliance

Trucker in deadly 2017 smuggling case receives life sentences

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2017-18 Winter Chain Law Advisory

Winter Chain Laws

A comprehensive roundup of chain laws and guidelines, now including Canada's chain laws. Here's our 2017-18 advisory.

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