July 2011 Letters

EOBR not a safety tool
Electronic on-board recorders are not a safety tool. They do not help me drive or do my logbook. The EOBR doesn’t keep track of traffic in front of me or tell me if traffic is following too close. It doesn’t tell me of side traffic so I know if I can move over a lane. FMCSA is supposed to be dealing with safety issues, so why are they concerned with profits for the big motor carriers?

Richard Stevenson
Richland Center, WI

Yep. We’re watching … 
I called your compliance department for information on some non-moving violations I received. Your telephone associate was very, very helpful and took time to answer my questions.

When I called my state motor carrier compliance, all I got was an operator who would switch me to the DMV. The DMV could not answer my questions, so the DMV would switch me back to the motor carrier compliance. All you could get at both departments was a receptionist. I was also cut off three times during the switch-over.

When I called you, I got through the first time. I am gladly enclosing a check for $45. I am semi-retired but still do some drive-away type work.

Thank God we have a watchdog organization like OOIDA.

William Hams
Gibsonton, FL

Remembering fallen truckers
I have set up a cause/memorial page on Facebook, “Remembering Fallen Truckers.” I set this up a few years ago. But this past year it started growing a great deal with support from many drivers, family members of drivers, and friends who have joined in showing our support for those of us who have given all to help keep this nation, and other countries as well, running. 

Drivers do so much and ask little. Appreciation is well deserved when one of our own goes above and beyond the call of duty to help in a situation that doesn’t always end well. If you wish to check up on the cause, please visit www.causes.com/rememberingfallentruckers.

We post various articles of crashes and other events that pertain to this cause.

May God bless and y’all keep on a truckin’.

Dave Lippert
Watertown, WI

Editor’s note: Dave, you are now listed on our Land Line Facebook page. OOIDA has a Facebook page, too, with more than 15,500 friends. We also accept obituaries, death notices and all other important notices and will post them in the “notes” section of the OOIDA Facebook page.

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