March/April 2011 Letters

Times are tough, members are tough … and loyal 
There is an old proverb, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” This certainly describes OOIDA and the members who support it. 

OOIDA does not step back from a challenge and neither do our members. This is especially true during these tough economic times. When it would have been very easy for members not to continue to support OOIDA, our members came through. When OOIDA needed loyalty, it showed. The membership dug deep donating to the litigation fund and continued to use our support services.

Congratulations to all. Because of your dedication to OOIDA and its mission we were able to score a major victory in OOIDA and Member Plaintiff Steve House v. Minnesota State Patrol.

Robert E. Esler, Taylor, MI
OOIDA life member
Secretary, OOIDA Board of Directors

Keep police in rightful place 
Yes! Three cheers for OOIDA in reference to the Minnesota State Patrol fatigue case. A well-deserved victory. Please don’t stop these very critical services. They keep the police state from being implemented and keep Big Brother in his rightful place.

Michael Cole Sr.
North Attleboro, MA

Ice and snow removal? How? 
Drivers should clean the snow off the truck before leaving the yard? First, very few terminals have such a device. Secondly, at least half the drivers on the road are OTR and did not leave from their terminal at the beginning of their day. Third, how would such a device work on an irregular flatbed load, a tanker, grain trailer, garbage trailer, dump trailer, etc.?

Plus, no doubt a new cottage industry will sprout up offering the “service” of scraping snow off of trucks. We’ll all spend most of our log hours sitting in line somewhere waiting to drive under the snow scraper and getting ripped off for more overhead that only puts us closer to bankruptcy and is totally illogical and discriminatory.

How much can we stand of this? Rhetorical question: as much as we can stand until we quit or are put out of business.

Dave Snellings
Crofton, MD

Got my BlueParrott 
I have needed to make the leap to buy a Bluetooth device of some kind. I read the article on the devices that truckers like best in the December issue of Land Line. This was just the article I needed to read before going shopping.

So I studied up, went shopping and bought one. Now I can offer some input. Like Mr. Paul Abelson, I feel naked without mine. My wife drives, and she wears hers night and day. It really makes you a safer, less distracted driver. For those of us who are on the road so much, it’s a great tool. I have the BlueParrott, by the way.

Juan Martinez
Los Angeles, CA

Product showcase winner 
I’m the one who won the BlueParrott headset. I do appreciate it and really enjoy it. I’ve used it a little bit and am fixing to use it a whole bunch.

I’m about to fly up to Nashville. I drive the tour bus for Crystal Gayle, the country singer, and we’re ready to head out to Vegas and then on to California and back.

Again, thank you very much. It’s come in very handy, especially driving that bus, because Miss Crystal gets quite nervous if anyone holds the phone while cruising down the highway. She likes to see me with the Bluetooth.

Joe Blocker Jr.
Live Oak, FL

Goodbye to Larry Hughes
Thanks for the (online) story, “Veteran driver, 63, dies after fall from tanker.” Larry was a friend. I knew him better on the road in the truck, more so than at home. He was always one to help, share a story or two, and willing to do what he could for you.

I attended his services today, and he will be missed. From me and all the ex-Logex drivers, we are all waving goodbye to Larry Hughes.

Jeff Locklair  
San Pedro, CA