May 2011 Letters

Mexican truck pilot program … Huh?
OK, who is going to inspect these trucks coming? Border Patrol? Like they can do the job they have in front of them already. Or they are off doing stupid stuff like busting Willie Nelson.

What kind of safety guarantees are there? Rear trailer guards, brakes, mud flaps, etc? Who checks that? Who pays for it?

And what owner-operator is fool enough to drive into Mexico further than two miles? What guarantees are there from the Mexican government that our drivers will be safe? Are their roads any good?

And if our government thinks this is such a good idea, why doesn’t the Army go down there unarmed? They don’t. So, until the cartels are run out do our drivers get some kind of armed escort paid for by the U.S.? Seems fair. They signed the treaty.

This is goofy. Granted I’ve been around trucking all my life and know a few things. But if the average commuter thought about this for two minutes, they could come up with the same questions I asked.

Angie Hilburn
Shawnee Mission, KS