November 2011 Letters

From the member plaintiff in OOIDA v. MSP
We just wanted to once again express our thanks to the entire team at OOIDA. It’s almost a year to the day since the trial, but it was certainly worth the wait. The radio show after the judge’s final order – the one with Jim Johnston – was great. We hope that can be rebroadcast many times to spread the word. You guys have always been top notch at what you do, and thousands of us are very grateful.

Jeannette and Stephen House
Springdale, WA

Will be needing that member decal
I am thinking about joining OOIDA. I will soon be taking a job running in Minnesota, and I think I better have that member sticker on my truck.

Travis Smith
Sumter, SC

Electronic logging? Really?
Will electronic logging really make our highways safer? Let’s see how that happens.

Electronic logging is going to prevent tailgating? Electronic logging is going to stop the potential accidents from happening? Electronic logging will stop speeding? Electronic logging will prevent you from being tired or sick or fatigued? Electronic logging will prevent the idiot car drivers from cutting in front of you and hitting their brakes?

Gordon Alkire
Riley, KS

Slow down, run harder? 
The truckers who say that money can be made driving a 63-65 mile-per-hour truck are full of crap. I have seen other truckers so tired from having to run harder due to the slowness of these trucks. … These sorry-ass companies with slow trucks are putting truckers’ lives in danger.

Dawn Walters
Aurora, CO

Recently in the neighborhood
On Sept. 30, I had the pleasure of being in the Kansas City area. I took the time to come over to the OOIDA offices and had a great time meeting and talking to everyone there. I urge all members of OOIDA to take the time to get to know the people that are out there day in and day out working on our behalf. 

The Land Line Magazine staffers are wonderful people, and the guys on the Land Line Now radio show are great as well

I had the opportunity to meet Todd Spencer, executive vice president of OOIDA and publisher of Land Line, and we had a very good conversation regarding the Ohio toll road.

I will do what I can as an OOIDA member to reach out to Ohio Gov. John Kasich and let him know that it would not be in the best interests of truckers as well as those of us who live in the Buckeye State to privatize the Ohio Turnpike. 

Once again, thanks, OOIDA, for all you do for those of us who serve America by bringing people the goods they need to live.

Chris A. Milburn
Hilliard, OH


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