October 2011 Letters

Silly doctors 
A couple of years ago I had one medical professional demand that, in order to eat healthy while on the road, I would have to prepare my meals and take them with me. I asked him where I would store 21-plus prepared meals in a truck. He gave me a blank look when I asked him how I would prevent those meals from spoiling. He had no answer.

During my most recent physical the doctor could not understand why my blood pressure was elevated after driving from north Dallas to far north North Richland Hills during morning traffic. Then he exclaimed that my blood pressure would have to be elevated during my working times. No kidding. What gave him the first clue?

My work isn’t nearly as hazardous to my health as medical professionals are. Where do these idiots come from? Is there any way that we can throw them back into the pond? They’re not fully grown yet.

Arthur E. Ford
North Richland Hills, TX

Thumbs down to VMT
A whole truckload of “razzberries” to anyone who supports this plan to charge trucks and other vehicles by the mile. This is an idiot plan, endorsed by someone with lots of money who never drives on a road. How many times is a trucker going to be charged to run on the same section of road in a day?

We are a small two-truck company that taxes and regulations have almost put us out of business. We cannot compete with the large fleets or with the Mexican trucks that come over here and take loads right out from under us. Adding another tax will put us under. Every person in America needs to fight this.

Chris, James and Phyllis Dodds
Dodds Transportation
Adair, IL

Minnesota cash grab?
Why don’t we just all stop at the ports of entry and give them a buck? That should solve their cash grab issue, because that’s what it is. Don’t look for a place to park, because there isn’t any.

I really don’t need some enforcement dude telling me I’m tired four hours after I’ve left Winnipeg after a reset. But that’s what’s happening. Sorry, my attitude is coming out!

Cy McDonald
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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