July 2012 Letters

SuperRigs story in June issue
Jami Jones’ coverage of SuperRigs 2012 was an extremely enjoyable and informative story. The Roccapriores – Todd and Beth – are special folks not only with how they build and show trucks, but also how they raise the image of the industry. They make shows very interesting. You really positioned this story in one fine fashion.  

Bud Farquhar
Westport, CT

Speak up for yourself and your fellow truckers
Please write to your lawmakers, if you have not already done so. Voice your beliefs on EOBRs, what you think should be done to fix this issue and other issues that have made recent news regarding our industry. This includes freight rates, truck parking, training, wrongful company policies, etc. If something isn’t done, we have no choice but to close up shop until it gets fixed.

There isn’t one politician in the Western world capable of understanding that everything everybody owns or uses arrived at least once on a truck. Most of the general public (and especially white-collar types for some reason) also fail to understand this simple basic fact.

Brandon J. Brooks 
Waterbury, CT

All about control
When is America going to wake up?  The FMCSA is able to distract everyone from their real issue ... that being their primary interest is trying to pass regulations that will allow them to have control … through the usage of EOBRs. 

Rebecca Caldwell
Booneville, MS

Still think we should just park ’em
The latest 72-hour Roadcheck was a bit of an eye-opener. The first noticeable event was the lack of rolling junk shows on the interstate. It’s now days later and they are back. The next thing I noticed after only 48 hours was the rates coming up from the lack of roadworthy equipment.

Instead of lobbying Washington, we need to be parked watching the grass grow up around the wheels until shippers start caring about the quality of the carriers and, worse yet, the brokers they tender their freight to. I have been at this for 28 years and cannot believe what I hear from brokers who have been in this game for only weeks.

I can tell the second they start describing the load. I do not believe they should be making 20 percent or better. All it would take is for half of us to park.

John Ryan
Houlton, ME