March/April 2012 Letters

Step up the war on stupid

If safety is so important to trucking, why don’t they educate the public – through TV, radio, billboards – on the danger of four-wheelers around trucks? Like merging on ramps, passing on the right, passing on the inside of a wide turn, stopping short. Educate them about stopping distances and show actual photos of what happens when a four-wheeler gets run over by an 80,000-pound rig.

No matter what they require us CDL holders to do, the fact still remains that we can’t control what that four-wheeler is going to do. No regulation will ever change that, but at least educating the public might give them enough understanding to save a life before they try something so stupid.

Jack Dragoo
Malone, NY

Longer, heavier trucks in the highway bill

I don’t take up many causes, but after listening to discussions on what is going on in Washington, I felt I needed to add my voice to the injustice that could happen if legislation gets passed. I sent a letter to my company’s owner and numerous people in our company to help distribute to other drivers to help fight.

I want to thank you for your insights and ways to help promote the plight of small fleet companies and owner-operators. I am also forwarding a copy of the letter to my congressmen to help them to understand what I feel. ... Thanks in advance for your efforts to help us all.

Jerry Bone
Belleville, IL

Editor’s note: OOIDA’s Washington, DC, staff heard from a number of lawmakers that their phones and mailboxes were exploding; read more about that on Page 26. It’s voices like yours that keep bad legislation at bay.

Not so small

Thanks, OOIDA and OOIDA media, for the coverage and Call to Action regarding Truck Town in North Bend, WA.

Suddenly I do not feel so small. I can’t thank you enough for listening!

Joyce Hibma
Hibma Trucking LLC
North Bend, WA

Editor’s note: Get the details on what is happening in North Bend on Page 41.