March/April 2013 Letters

Ship shape?
I am writing about UShip as seen on the TV show “Shipping Wars.” On the website, it’s amazing to see the number of registered users and so-called trucking companies that are hauling while using this website, without having the proper MC/DOT authority to do so. I have emailed customer service at UShip, and their response was that they cannot monitor all of the registered users on their site.

There are sometimes decent loads listed on but by the time all of the illegal transporters get done bidding on these loads, us guys that are legal can’t afford to haul the load at such a low price.

P.S. Just say no to cheap freight!

Timothy Moore
Darlington, PA

TA/Petro to OOIDA: Bravo!
To the management, staff and members of OOIDA, congratulations on celebrating your 40th anniversary. The OOIDA organization has a long legacy of listening to the needs of professional independent truck drivers and looking out for their best interests. Over the years, that listening has led to numerous support programs and initiatives to protect and promote the cause of these vital transportation professionals.

Our company, 40 years in business last year, has tried to maintain the same standard. By listening to our truck driving customers’ needs, we feel we can improve their efficiency, comfort and care while they visit our locations on the nation’s interstate highway system.

It’s all about delivering the respect these hard-working men and women deserve. Here’s a tip of the hat to OOIDA!

Promoting professional drivers and all the good they deliver for 40 years!


Tom O’Brien
President and CEO
TravelCenters of America

KW to OOIDA: Happy 40th anniversary
Kenworth Truck Company would like to congratulate OOIDA on achieving its 40th anniversary this year. We sincerely appreciate the loyalty of OOIDA members to The World’s Best trucks and are proud that your members have purchased more than 9,000 Kenworth trucks through the Kenworth – OOIDA rebate program. This successful, cooperative program began in 2001, which makes it the oldest OOIDA member rebate program.  

Kenworth is also celebrating a 90th anniversary milestone and looks forward to our continued partnership for many more years to come. Again, congratulations to OOIDA, its staff and its 150,000 members.

Gary Moore
Kenworth General Manager/Paccar Vice President

St. Christopher Fund to OOIDA: Here’s to 40 more
Congratulations on OOIDA’s 40th anniversary! What an amazing accomplishment. You and your team have been a blessing to all of us at the St. Christopher Fund. OOIDA was one of our first supporters, helped keep us afloat (twice!), and now raises awareness of the fund.

We value your organization, and Land Line, and your commitment to drivers and the owner-operator industry. Here’s to 40 more!

Donna Kennedy, Ph.D., M.S.
Executive Director
St. Christopher Truckers Development & Relief Fund

OOIDA’s Land Line – a friend and resource
I would like to take a moment to thank you for your magazine and the invaluable information that you provide. I come from a long line of owner-operators, and have seen both sides of the business, and the incredible changes in the industry – some for the better, some not so much.

I appreciate the informative articles, the human interest stories, the heads-up articles on new state and federal regulations. As I move into the next stage of my career, I look forward to having OOIDA’s Land Line as a friend and resource.

Frank Montgomery
Harrington, WA

Anyone with half a brain
Reading Jami Jones’ article about six states waiving HOS regs for fuel, propane deliveries. How very nice. Too bad they didn’t realize this in the case of everyday operations throughout the entire country.

But let’s be honest here. It’s not the people that these drivers are helping right now with this waiver. It’s the huge companies that are putting the pressure on the states to allow this waiver so they can continue to rake in huge sums of money while they can. Anyone with just half a brain knows that the HOS is not about safety. It never has been. It has always been about revenue for the states at the driver’s expense and the justification for more and more enforcement, creating more and more jobs at the state and national level.

I drove over the road for many years, and I know the crap that happens to us drivers. And as an owner-operator I know firsthand

how these rules hit the wallet too – ouch! But it’s the people like the ATA that work for these huge trucking companies that cause this. It isn’t a level playing field and hasn’t been since the deregulation of the industry.

God bless and keep up the great work you and the others at OOIDA are doing. Without you the industry fails.

Michael Johnson
Riverside, CA

Back to the root of the problem
The U.S. Government Accountability Office says we do too much damage to the roads. It’s a shame no one talks about building them correctly in the first place!

Mike Corwin
Jam Transport
Franklin, OH