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OOIDA Cards Make Sense Per Gallon

Big fleets use fuel cards to cut their fuel costs. They have proven how valuable fuel cards can be. Use a fuel card wisely and it will cut fuel costs.

But fuel cards can be costly. They may require big deposits and levy high fees and they don't seek fuel discounts for small accounts. You often spend more than cash price to buy fuel after regular card fees are included.

There is a better way, however. Just use a fuel card made to cut your fuel cost, not increase it.

Fleet OOIDA cards aim to do for members what fuel cards did for fleets - reduce fuel cost. Fleet OOIDA offers users full purchasing control and security but gives the savings back to the bearer.

The card was made to lower fuel costs but OOIDA will need your help to do it, because the card is effective only when it is used. As of right now, Fleet OOIDA provides less than cash price fuel at 500 competitive stops. That's the starting point. In the long term, users will benefit from fuel pricing that most transport fleets wish they had. Users who pool fuel purchasing through Fleet OOIDA and direct it to stops that want their business will get a break on fuel cost. Volume discounts are the only way to get the fuel price you need.

Fleet OOIDA also made the cost of using a fuel card low. Each card carries a $100 deposit and that deposit can be used for emergency funds if you need it. Users fund their own card account prior to use, and get detailed activity reports once each month. The cardholder is subject to all of the negotiated fuel discounts. The result is reduced credit, administration, and fuel costs.

Fleet programs direct volume to get fuel discounts. Fleet OOIDA won't direct anyone anywhere but does actively encourage use of the 500+ stops that already offer Fleet OOIDA fuel discounts. The more Fleet OOIDA buys fuel from those stops, the lower fuel cost can go. And those aren't the only fuel stops interested in Fleet OOIDA volume. Small business truckers spend more money per truck stop visit than company drivers do. Truck stops know that owner operators are their very best customers, you just need to let them know who you are. Using a Fleet OOIDA card will get you that recognition.

Whether you run a single truck or several, lease or run independently, Fleet OOIDA is the fuel card that gives you the power to cut your fuel cost. All it takes is participation. Help make Fleet OOIDA the biggest fuel purchase program in the U.S. and you will lower your fuel cost.

Fleet OOIDA cannot offer you big fleet fuel prices right out of the gate. It takes time to develop volume and to negotiate better prices at the stops you want to do business with. There are over 8,000 truck stops out there and they all want your business. The Fleet OOIDA card gives them a way to get it at a fair price. LL