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Load proves deadly for OOIDA member

OOIDA member Fred Caldwell, 44, of Hernando, MS, passed away on Sept. 6, 1998, a victim of bee stings. Fred's accident occurred when he and his wife delivered a load of bees from Wisconsin to Florida for the winter.

When Fred went back to check the tarp one more time, they swarmed. Renne told Land Line when she drove the truck to him he got in and seemed all right, but down the road he collapsed.

Fred, who carried medication in his truck for wasp stings, gave himself an injection, then went into shock. Renne called out on the CB for help. EMTs revived Fred's heartbeat and took him to a nearby hospital. He was transferred to Gainesville, FL the next day, but despite all efforts he died that afternoon.

In addition to Renne, Fred is survived by one son and a granddaughter. His business was known as Flintstone Trucking, and Fred's '90 Peterbilt was leased to J. T. Express in Jackson, TN. He hauled specialty loads such as steel coils and bees. Fred had been a professional truckdriver for over 21 years.