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Roses & Razzberries

On Sept. 28, the Augusta (GA) Chronicle featured one of the best "civilian" editorials we've read lately on truckers. Entitled "Hails truckers for delivering the goods," it was penned by Opinion editor Kathy Cagle-Martinez. She describes truckers as "honorable" people with a "deep sense of responsibility." She went so far as to ask everyone to take a minute and think what their life would be like without the trucks that supply everything in their lives. There's a reason this editorial is so knowledgeable about trucking - Cagle-Martinez is a trucker's wife.Roses to you, Kathy.

Truckdriver Chad Trenhaile was trapped inside the cab after his semi overturned, took out a guardrail and smashed into a bridge pillar in Minnesota. Dr. Jeff Ho of Hennepin County Medical Center wiggled his way into the crushed cab. Inside, he found he had make the toughest of decisions - amputate the trucker's leg in order to save him. Roses to Dr. Ho for saving Trenhaile's life.

OOIDA member John Tezak from New Mexico reports he was recently rolling through Alabama when he ran over some large debris on I-20/59. He pulled off to check out his rig and wasn't there five minutes when an Alabama state trooper swooped down. Tezak said he was just trying to be safe and not spill anything on the highway, but the trooper didn't buy his story. Cha-ching - $153 parking ticket. Razzberries to the lawman, who reportedly told Tezak that he should have driven on to the nearest truckstop and then checked his rig for damage.

Roses to OOIDA member James Witter, Hunt, NY, for heroic action in the face of danger. James was stopped at the westbound toll booths on the Ohio Turnpike, three miles from the Ohio-Indiana border, when a tractor-trailer rig behind him failed to stop. This caused a chain reaction crash involving Witter's truck and two other commercial vehicles. Upon impact, Witter climbed down from his cab, ran to the third truck which was engulfed in flames and rescued the unconscious driver by pulling him from the burning cab. The Ohio State Highway Patrol awarded Witter with the OSHP's Certificate of Recognition.

The Silver Spark Plug is awarded annually to no more than five individuals who have given outstanding service to The Maintenance Council (TMC). The 1999 winners are Hershel Brown, director of maintenance, Proline Carriers, LLC, Nashville, TN; Eileen Lindberg, Peterbilt account manager for on-highway truck sales, Detroit Diesel Corp., Detroit; and Kevin Otto, director of advanced diagnostics, Cummins Engine Co., Columbus, IN. Roses to all these hard-working folks, including Land Line's technical editor, Paul "Hot Air" Abelson, who once snagged a Silver Spark Plug himself.