OOIDA member selected as TCA Highway Angel
Member Tonya Nesbitt of Liberty, NC, was recently recognizedas a Highway Angel for her exemplary efforts in saving the life of a victim of a traffic accident.

Tonya was driving on an unlit section of US 68 in Medina, OH, one evening when an accident happened directly in front of her truck. A panicked man ran to her truck and yelled for her to help his wife. When Tonya got to the car and saw the wife was pinned in the vehicle she gave the husband directions on how to keep his wife conscious. Tonya then grabbed a flashlight and checked for more survivors.

She called for help, set out flares and stabilized a man in the second car who also had sustained major injuries. She then directed a passing motorist to help the second man while she searched for the third car in the accident. In the third car she found Barry Duggins. He was lying in a pool of blood with a hole in his side.

"His injury was the size of a basketball," she said, "I decided I was going to have to stay with him until help came, so I used my hands to clamp the bleeding vessels and kept talking to him to keep him conscious."

Another motorist found Duggins' 2-year-old child strapped in his car seat on the highway with no injuries. Duggins suffered two broken legs, a collapsed lung, and massive internal injuries. Doctors later told him he would not have lived if Tonya had not stayed with him that night. Tonya remains very humble about her actions the night of the accident. She simply said, "The Lord meant me to be there and gave me direction."

She will receive a Highway Angel lapel pin, certificate and clothing patch for her efforts. Her employer, Panther II Transportation of Medina, OH, will also receive a certificate for acknowledging Tonya as a Highway Angel.