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Readers Letters

Trucker agrees with OOIDA strike position

I just wanted to let you know that I support and agree with your stand on this so-called strike. These people who say they speak for all truckers, this is crazy, because nobody has ever gotten all of them together to speak in one voice. OOIDA is by far the best tool we folks in the truckin' biz can use to get things done, and you guys do a great job.

Matthew D. Duenke
Lexington, S.C.

Another view of the proposed strike

I am writing you about the strike that is supposed to be on July 5. I have mixed feelings about this subject. I feel we need a strike to shake things up some, but I don't think this strike or any other will do anything to help the industry. Not because of the legislatures attitude toward threats, but because of the stated reasons and dates of the strike.

Any strike or movement that is going to succeed has to be organized with a leader and a clear set of goals and options. As it stands right now, letters were sent to governors by two relatively unknown drivers claiming to be speaking for all but have no proof of support. Who would the government be negotiating with to end the strike once it started the answer is they would have no idea even if they were willing to negotiate. You also have to have a set of goals that a wide majority of drivers would be willing to shut down for. Although speed limits do affect all, large companies are not going to shut down for them neither are most independent truck operators who are running a business. However, I do not believe in presenting problems without solutions.

Dan Karr
Joplin, MO