Board of Directors meeting

The board of directors of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association met April 22-25 at OOIDA headquarters in Grain Valley, MO. The board reviewed the progress of the association since the last board meeting (October, 1998), including record numbers of new members and implementation of exciting new programs (truck financing, scholarship awards). After attending to the business of keeping the association running, board members got down to addressing trucking issues and new programs. While we cannot cover every issue the board addressed during the three-day meeting, here are just a few of the hot topics discussed:

One new program a long time in development is a safe driving awards program for members. With such a vast number of members in countless different operations, finding a formula to implement such a program has been a challenge. Jay W. Hosty, chairman of the awards committee, reported that they are close to a solution, though questions remain as to how the program will be funded.

Members have been asking for a motor carrier rating system to aid them in finding an equitable lease. Gary Green is the head of the committee coordinating efforts to implement such a program, and he says it is close to becoming a reality. The legal complexities have been worked out and a questionnaire for owner-operators to rate carriers has been drafted. The formula for creating a numeric rating for each carrier is in development. (If you would like to assist in this effort, complete the Your Voice card on page 79.)

The board discussed rumors of a strike purportedly scheduled for July 5. After investigating the available facts, and hearing a lot of serious discussion, the board voted not to support the strike. While board members recognize that truckers are frustrated for many different reasons, strikes in the past have done truckers more harm than good. Concerns were also raised that a strike may jeopardize several key pieces of pending legislation across the country that OOIDA members have lobbied long and hard to pass. For more on this, see page 82.

The board also passed resolutions on several other key issues. On the issue of a minimum age for CMV drivers, the board voted to support 21 as the minimum age. A resolution was passed to support the creation of a Motor Carrier Administration within the Department of Transportation. The board also voted to support mandatory driver training for all entry-level drivers. These resolutions represent the official position OOIDA will take on these issues and mandate how the association's lobbying efforts will be directed.

The board also heard reports on legislative actions in the states and in Washington, updates on OOIDA's legal actions, the status on the Alabama Fuel Marker Decal refunds, and a complete rundown on all pending regulatory issues. Watch for developments on these issues in future editions of Land Line.



President: Jim Johnston, 
Grain Valley, MO

Executive Vice-President: 
Todd Spencer, Oak Grove, MO

General Vice-President: 
Robert Driscoll, Laurel Springs, NJ

Treasurer: Rick Craig, Odessa, MO

Secretary: Robert Esler, Taylor, MI

General Counsel: Paul Cullen, Sr., 
Washington, DC


Harold Landry, Gray, LA

Woody Chambers, Hoffman Estates, IL

Fred Barnes, Kansas City, MO

Ray Kasicki, Cleveland, OH

Jim Mathews, Middleton, ID

Ralph Fries, Escondido, CA

Bill Rode, Eagle, ID

Jay W. Hosty, Pearlington, MS

Mark Elrod, Peru, IN

Eric Beck, Little Rock, AR

Gary Green, Kansas City, KS

John Taylor, Cross Junction, VA

Charles Parfrey, Spokane, WA

John Mordus, Shelby Township, MI

Francis Collins, Sugar Run, PA

Dorsey Musselman, Bedford, PA


Timothy Trotter, Castiac, CA

Kenneth Becker, Isabella, OK