Texas uniform speed bill signed into law

June 22, 1999 - Gov. George W. Bush has signed HB 676 into law, eliminating split speed limits for cars and heavy trucks on most Texas highways. The exception to uniform limits will be farm-to-market and ranch-to-market roads, where speed limits for cars and light trucks are 70 mph day /65 mph night and truck speeds will remain 60 mph day/ 55 mph night.

However, speed limits for cars and light trucks may come down on some farm-to-market and ranch-to-market roads. HB 676 included an amendment that will allow county commissioners to ask the TX Transportation Commission to lower speed limits in their respective jurisdictions on farm-to-market and ranch-to-market roads without improved shoulders.

Uniform speed limits take effect September 1, 1999. Signs will begin coming down on that date but it may take some time to get all of the signs down.   Always obey posted limits.