Line One
Roses & Razzberries

Roses to radio station WOW in Omaha, NE, for the positive comments on the trucking industry during their 48-hour radio telethon. Program director Trish Matthews said she has always known truckers to be generous in donating during their annual telethon. She asked that Roses be given to the trucking industry in general for their big-heartedness and their contributions to commerce.

A garden of Roses to The Orange County Register for their news story, "Avoid Trouble: Don't Play Games With Big Rigs." Staff writer Jeff Collins makes four important points about sharing freeways with rigs to avoid being crunched. Avoid blind spots, don't cut in, don't drive next to them if you don't have to, and don't cut between them and a curb or shoulder. Nice job, Jeff.

Roses to the more than 180,000 volunteers from Texas that picked up two million pounds of litter from Texas roadsides and city parks during "Don't Mess with Texas" Trash Off project April 10. The project was organized by the Texas Department of Transportation and KTB (Keep Texas Beautiful).

Razzberries to The Indianapolis News for their editorial cartoon on Feb. 18. The cartoon shows a 4-wheeler beneath a semi's wheels and a drunk trucker waving a bottle out the window of the cab. Cheap shot.

Razzberries to the CBS sitcom The King of Queens, for an attempt at realism that missed the mark. An episode that aired Feb. 22 depicted a local package delivery driver filling out a long-haul type logbook. It wasn't an offensive mistake, just a sloppy one. A minimal amount of research could have prevented it.