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A popular trend in television these days is to show outtakes, or bloopers, essentially giving viewers a glimpse of footage that was deleted from the edited version of the show. Doesn't this make you wonder what stories get the axe before your favorite magazines go to press? While this column usually briefs readers as to what they can expect on the inside pages, here's a couple of stories that didn't make it.

We could have headlined this one "Unemployment rate goes up in Nevada." After two decades of trying to close down the Mustang Ranch, the government recently seized Nevada's infamous brothel amidst a flurry of government charges. The working girls took off, driving off in BMWs and Cadillacs. James Collie, chief Internal Revenue Service investigator, said the government intended to keep it closed until a court determines if there are valid claims against the property.

Now here's the best part. According to actual AP reports, this Collie guy said, "There is no intention of the government to operate it as a brothel."

Here's one that we could have headlined "Your toll dollars at work." It seems the wife of a Pennsylvania lawmaker has quit her $65,000-a-year job with the PA Turnpike Commission after a nude photo of her was found in the commission's computer system. After technicians found nude photos that had been shot in the turnpike headquarters, she was suspended and later resigned. The woman is reportedly separated from her husband, a state senator, who had no comment. According to the Pittsburg Post-Gazette, a commission technician, accused of shooting the photos, was fired. (Now understand that these weren't just photocopy machine fanny shots you would expect from turnpike staffers, these were high tech pix, taken with a digital camera owned by commission, paid for by your dollars.)

Here is a rundown of what you will find in this issue. Hottest news: OOIDA has won its appeal against Prime and Arctic. You can read about this in Jim Johnston's "Issues and Positions" and in the article. OOIDA has also prevailed in their second lumping case.

There's also follow up stories on the cost of fuel, DOT's safety hotline, NJ's Gov. Whitman and her truck ban, more on the missing Maine trucker, and more on the NJ trucker killed on the roadside after being placed out of service by a PA trooper.

Also read about important information about newly-formulated oils from tech editor Paul Abelson.

One of my favorite articles deals with urban legends. If you've heard the warning about the kidney thieves on the CB (you wake up in a bathtub of ice, etc.) and believed it – you need to read this one.