Editor’s page

Have you ever been in a Blockbuster video store where they have the weekly movie picks as chosen by the clerks who work there? You'd think those folks would know, right? Well, here's our own line up of favorite articles in this issue, as selected by the Land Line crew.

Ruth Jones, our senior editor, says her pick is "Coming to America," the piece on foreign drivers by freelancer Paul Spillenger. "Give me your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to be truckdrivers..." Read it on page 26.

Our production coordinator Kim Borron picks "On the 'Net" by Jason Cisper (page 42). Kim likes clever stuff.

Jason goes for stories that make you hold your breath, so I guess it's natural that he picks Ruth Jones' story on Volvo problems. It's on page 30.

Our art director, Debbie Johnson likes cool old stuff so it makes absolute sense that she picked the Land Line history article on page 32 and the 1937 Kenworth truck story on page 72.

Staff writer Donna Carlson is an ex-technical writer and gets excited about movies like "Star Wars" and good magazine pieces like "Brakes of the Future" by Paul Abelson. That's her pick, and it is a fine one. It's on page 56.

Head of our circulation department, Pam Perry, likes people. Her favorite is Donna's member profile of a North Carolina trucker named Tonya Nesbitt. Tonya's life could be a real blockbuster of a movie. Read about her on page 34.

Advertising manager Alex Gates chose as his best read a new ad (of course) from Caterpillar for their TOPPS program.

My pick? I like Donna's article on page 44 on saving money for your kid's education. I want you to know that I suggested all along that it should include tips for saving for your kid's bail money and I was overruled. It's an informative piece anyway.

As we survey the copy being crammed into this issue, it strikes me as being one of the most "how to" issues we've produced in a while. Ready to give your lawmaker a piece of your mind? How do you get your point across? Paul Cullen Jr. lays it out in Washington Insider. And it must be said that the four-page report on the Mar. 16 rally in Washington, DC, also presents a strong case for getting your point across.

IRS audit? How do you survive it? Kids want to go to college? How in the heck do you come up with that much money? Ready to terminate your lease or leave your trucking job for greener pastures? What is the professional way to say "I'm outta here?" Is your trucking spouse retiring? How does your family adjust to his/her life off the road?

"Sole Support" on page 52 is another how-to piece. It was truly inspired by a footsore crew recently returned from the Mid-America Trucking Show. If you were there, you know what I'm talking about.

As always, the Louisville show was a phenomenon. For all of you who stopped by our Land Line/OOIDA booths and signed our petitions, thanks.