Oil, Engines, & Owner-operators
Going for the long miles

Bob Stempinski of Skokie, IL, is making the switch to synthetic engine oil and extended drain intervals. His goal is to extend drain intervals for his Detroit engine to at least 65,000 miles. "I may even go to 80,000 miles," he says. "It depends on the oil samples."Currently, Bob's engine has 130,000 miles on it. He has chosen Mobil Delvac 1 for his extended drain project. Bob is using special oil filters designed for extended drain intervals that he plans to replace every 30,000 miles. He plans to take oil samples every 15,000 miles and replenish the additives as necessary. His reason for extending drain intervals is saving money.

"I can cut down on maintenance costs. At a minimum, I can save the cost of one oil change a year, but I hope for even better results," says Bob. "These days, you have to be a smart businessman, not just a trucker. And one way to do that is to make technology work for you. I also like the idea that using a synthetic is good for our environment."

Bob teams with wife Suzanne in their Volvo 770 equipped with a Detroit Series 60 550 hp engine and Eaton 18-speed AutoShift transmission. They are leased to Dawes Transport out of Milwaukee, WI, and haul LTL freight from Chicago to Los Angeles and back every week. Bob has been driving a truck for 30 years and has been an owner-operator for 15 years.

Bob and Suzanne also find time to show their rig in several contests each year and have won a number of trophies. "We used to have a Kenworth, and our dealer asked us to do a show. We did, and we were hooked," Bob told Land Line. "You meet the nicest people doing shows - the cream of the crop."

Land Line will update readers on Bob's extended drain project in future issues.