Line One
Roses & Razzberries

RAZZBERRIES to an employee of an Indiana travel center charged with perpetrating an anthrax hoax at the truckstop. According to published reports, police responded to a call about possible anthrax at the Hoosier Heartland Truck Plaza at Interstate 69 and Indiana state road 28. A state trooper secured the area and called in the local hazardous materials response team. The truckstop was not closed during the investigation.

Police arrested David W. Jones of Alexandria, IN, for allegedly leaving a powdery material and a threatening message in the men’s restroom. Police said he also was believed to be responsible for making previous threats at the truckstop. The charges carry a maximum penalty of two and a half years in prison and $15,000 in fines.

ROSES to two unidentified truckers who recently rescued a North Carolina driver in distress. Gale Touger says her van broke down in Raleigh’s rush-hour traffic. Another motorist called the highway patrol for her, but before officers could arrive, a pair of 18-wheelers blocked traffic beside and behind her and pushed her van to the side of the road. The professional truckers then jumped back into their rigs and drove off. “I’ll be grateful to them for a very long time,” says Gale.

The Buffalo News featured a story in October entitled, “Mr. Ding-A-Ling Truck Driver Admits Menacing Boy, 12.”RAZZBERRIES to the driver of the ice cream truck who jumped a sidewalk and drove toward a 12-year-old boy. According to the newspaper, he intended only to frighten the boy. The driver will serve six months in jail.

OOIDA member Lovit White says Rochester Towing Service out of Statesville, NC, deserves a ROSE for their help when his driver, Raymond Thompson, was found deceased in a North Carolina rest area. “They are fine, upstanding, Christian people,” White says. “They helped me get the truck and hot load to where they needed to be and did it in a sensitive way.”

ROSE to two quick thinking Canadian truckers who helped save the life of a British Columbia woman when she lost control of her car and plunged over a 500-foot cliff in Glacier National Park. According to published reports, the transport drivers called for help on the CB and then climbed down to the crushed car to check on the woman’s condition. Luckily, the woman suffered only minor injuries in the crash. If the truckers hadn’t witnessed the accident, authorities say the consequences could have been much worse.

One OOIDA member nominates Sam’s Restaurant in Fairfield, TX, for a RAZZBERRY. Formerly one of his favorite stops, he says the restaurant has “the best fried chicken ever made.” He reports recently ordering the chicken fried chicken dinner for $7.99 and asked for an extra piece of chicken to be added to the meal. When the bill came, it totaled $16.87, for two dinners with one drink. The manager for Sam’s said the dinner is programmed in the computer at $7.99 and cannot be ordered with an extra piece of chicken.

Personal injury attorney Bob Gorham of Gorham & Associates deserves a RAZZBERRY for a TV commercial seen by Alabama’s Channel 13 viewers. The commercial reportedly depicts a scruffy looking trucker in a Kenworth speeding down the road, ogling a Daisy Mae type standing beside a mailbox. Gorham says he has now cancelled the commercial due to a number of calls from offended truckers. “Most truckdrivers are good, hardworking people,” he said. “We are taking it off the air. Obviously it didn’t reach the audience it was structured to reach.”