Line One
Trucker Perspectives
Who can figure?

By John E. Carroll, Powell Butte, OR

My running partner Cliff Turner and I stopped a van that was attempting to elude the highway patrol. Five patrol cars had chased him about 30 miles from Weed, CA, to five miles south of Dunsmuir, CA. We had heard on the CB that they were chasing him at a high rate of speed. We heard later that he had gone up to 110 mph. Cliff and I thought that he was endangering many people’s lives and that we should get him to stop.

We were hauling mobile homes 14-feet wide. There was a concrete divider on the left and a narrow shoulder on the right lined with trees. Cliff stayed in the right lane and slowed down a little, I got in the left lane and sped up a little. We then had the two southbound lanes of the I-5 freeway in a rolling blockade. He had nowhere to go at all. We were staggered a little bit, so he could not go between us. He swerved and skidded around me on my right and slid diagonally into the back left corner of Cliff’s house. At that point, he stopped sideways in the middle of the freeway. There was about a 20 mph difference in speed.

The right front corner and the front end of the van was smashed quite a bit. He was not injured. Immediately CHP got themselves stopped and drew their guns on the driver of the van and arrested him. A CalTrans supervisor thanked us. The patrolmen wrote up our involvement as an accident.

Who can figure? I wonder if that will affect Cliff’s accident-free record? I guess it could have been worse, they might have charged us with interference or something like that!