OOIDA member, patriot refuses to be denied

In the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, New Yorker and OOIDA member Fred Faerber III wanted to show his support for America. It turned out to be more of a challenge than he could have predicted.

Faerber, owner of Smith Ave. Moving Co. of Kingston, NY, was in Florida when terrorists struck. After returning home, Fred stepped into the office of his hometown newspaper and made a request to place an advertisement expressing his patriotism. To his chagrin, the Kingston Daily Freeman’s advertising manager declined, saying the patriotic message was inflammatory and his newspaper would not print it.

Infuriated by the newspaper’s stance on the ad, Fred remained committed to ensuring his message got to the American public. He went to a local sign shop and described to them what he wanted done. With Fred’s vision, Timely Signs went to work and a few days later the rear of his trailer was decorated with Lady Liberty and other patriotic reminders.

The date “9/11/01” adorns the upper left-hand corner of the rear doors. Messages of “Remember the Pentagon & Twin Towers…” and “Buy American Made Goods & Services” down the left-hand side. On the right-hand side, the Statue of Liberty stands tall in the foreground with a waving American flag in the background and “Proud To Be An American” prominently displayed beneath the images.

Still upset over the newspaper’s refusal to print this message, Fred vows the new signage on his trailer “will be out in front of the public night and day from now on in 22 states.”

Michael Matranga, the Daily Freeman’s advertising director, told Land Line the newspaper refutes the claim they refused Fred’s request. Matranga said it was simply a “misunderstanding” and that they would be happy to run Fred’s ad.

–Keith Goble, staff writer