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Intrenet Inc. ceases operations leaving owner-operators in limbo

On Jan. 2, 2001, Intrenet Inc. announced that its subsidiary trucking companies would cease operations; most of its employees would be laid off; and its assets would be sold to satisfy creditors. Intrenet, Inc. trucking company subsidiaries include Roadrunner Trucking, Eck Miller Transportation, Advanced Distribution Services and Roadrunner Distribution Services.

The subsidiaries utilized the services of some 1,100 owner-operators. The decision by Intrenet management places these contract owner-operators in serious financial jeopardy. According to the company's Jan. 2 press release, the company said it could not predict the extent to which its remaining assets would be sufficient to satisfy the claims of unsecured creditors. Leased owner-operators are unsecured creditors.

Most of the owner-operators leased to the trucking companies have load settlements pending for loads already delivered, and these owner-operators may all have escrow accounts of $1,000 or more under the control of Intrenet's subsidiaries.

OOIDA attorneys have been in contact with Intrenet CEO John Chandler in an effort to protect the interests of leased owner-operators. In a phone conversation on Jan. 4, Chandler told OOIDA attorneys it is not their plan to file bankruptcy. Chandler also indicated that leased owner-operators would be paid for all current loads.

If you are an owner-operator currently leased to any of the Intrenet Inc. subsidiaries, it is important for you to contact OOIDA to protect your interests and to hopefully salvage revenues that are rightfully yours.

Call our Business Services Department at 1-800-444-5791 as soon as possible.

-Todd Spencer