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Trucker Perspectives
Sept. 11-12 gouging

By Paul M. Todorovich, Myrtle Beach, SC

Here is all that I have learned over the last two days. My contacts must remain anonymous because they put their jobs in jeopardy to provide me with this information. They are just as angry about these allegations as any of us. For that reason I cannot forward computer files, but I can print and forward these files to any of you who may want them. I will print the evidence and facts below and forward it to my U.S. Congressmen and Senators.

The retail truckstop chains that I contacted all claimed, with one very notable exception, that they were merely passing along price increases taken by their suppliers. Here are the facts: T/A has not gone up a penny at any company-owned locations nationwide. They should be rewarded with our thanks and will get even more of my business in the future. Flying J apparently made several price increases on Tuesday, Sept. 11, totaling 40 cents/gallon. Love’s Travelstops followed them. When they realized no one else was going to that exorbitant level they eventually dropped 20 cents nationwide, for a net 20 cents/gallon increase that day.

On Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 12: T/A , Ashland, VA $1.38/gallon; Pilot, Ruther Glen, VA (only 12 miles away) $1.64/gallon. At Deepwater, NJ, Sept. 12, T/A $1.31; Flying J $1.44; Pilot $1.45.

I have written/e-mail evidence that Motiva/Shell raised their wholesale price for low sulfur diesel on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 10 cents/gallon nationwide, effective noon Sept. 11. Stan Geller with Motiva (713-241-0090) told me they regretted that action and they had reduced prices back to what they were on Monday, Sept. 10 and they would remain there until trading on the Mercantile Exchange resumed. He also said the excess dollars collected before their change of heart would be refunded to their customers (retailers). I pointed out that the retailers couldn’t or wouldn’t refund it to truckers and that Motiva would be rewarding the profiteers. I suggested that Motiva instead refund the excess to the Widow and Orphans Fund of the New York City Fire Department. Stan agreed that might be a better solution and promised to “pass that suggestion up the line.” For the record, my income tax refund has gone to the W & O Fund.

BP Amoco raised their price for low sulfur diesel on Sept. 11

8 to 10 cents/gallon in different markets effective midnight Sept. 12. Tom Mueller and Kathy Randall (843-871-1543) both claimed the increase was taken Monday (Sept. 10) but I have evidence to the contrary.

Sunoco apparently took a nationwide increase of 15 cents/gallon on low sulfur diesel at 9:23 a.m. on Tuesday, the 11th. I believe the first hijacked plane hit the World Trade Center at 8:48 a.m. I spoke with a secretary briefly about this and was promised that Mike Hennigan (215-977-3820) would call me back, but that call and another this morning have gone unanswered.

I was also told that Marathon increased their price 12 cents/gallon for a while on Tuesday, but they went back down 12 cents later in the day.