Your two cents worth...
Carriers have DAC;
but how do drivers do background checks?

Motor carriers do driver background checks by ordering DAC reports, but how do drivers do background checks on motor carriers? The answer is four letters - MCRS and it means “Motor Carrier Rating System.” MCRS is a new member service from the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association.

Have pertinent info on a motor carrier or personal experiences, good or bad, you’d like to share with fellow truckers?OOIDA’s new Motor Carrier Rating System (MCRS) enables truckers to rate their carriers the same way carriers rate drivers using DAC Services.¬†Anyone who has a CDL can submit documentation, and your identity is never disclosed. This valuable information is being gathered and recorded in a database that is growing daily, but to be truly effective, it needs more input from drivers. So, OOIDA has expanded the MCRS to the Internet, making reporting easier than ever. If you have Internet access, as of Sept. 15, you can go to www.ooida.com or www.landlinemag.com and rate your carrier online. Surveys are also available from OOIDA Business Services department by mail or fax. You do not have to be an OOIDA member to submit rating information. Again, you will remain anonymous. To request a survey or ask how to get a report, call OOIDA Business Services department at 1-800-444-5791.¬†Before you say “I do...”OOIDA’s MCRS report is designed to inform you of certain operational practices, company policies and income potential, but is not intended to provide you with all of the information you need to make an important business decision like partnering up with a new motor carrier. Whenever you are considering entering into a business relationship with any company, you should investigate all aspects of their business practices. Remember, you are engaging them to do business with you, so make sure they fit your needs. There are four key things you should do to protect yourself:

  • Carefully examine all documents before you sign.Review all company policies and procedures.
  • Check out all available information regarding the carrier, including talking to their drivers.

Any contract you sign with the motor carrier legally binds you to the written terms and conditions. Verbal amendments are meaningless. If you are unsure how the contract will affect you, get professional advice. For questions regarding a lease agreement, you may contact the Conflict Resolution and Compliance Unit of OOIDA’s Business Services department at 1-800-444-5791.