Trucker Perspectives

Uniting for success, survival
By John Botts
Foley, MN

Jim, I salute you for all your efforts, accomplishments and dreams of making this industry what you would like it to be. I’m sure that all of us are behind you 100 percent for everything you have done so far. I know as well as you there are issues yet to uncover and conquer.

The thing that gets my goat is all the members say they need change now, before their life-long dream of doing what they love is gone forever. We only show our unity when the call to action is to the reps and politicians who need to hear our voice. We need to show the general public we are united, under God, and indivisible, no matter what Big Brother says or does. 

I joined OOIDA thinking this great organization is where things for the better will happen for us all, eventually. I still feel that way; I am a survivor, making every penny count in the efforts of success. I am striving to succeed, as I know all of us are, yet, it will take more than the efforts of an individual, to make a difference overall. Greed is this industry’s downfall.

I don’t want to monopolize the industry with just one company, but with many companies — a sort of federation. An alliance of many working together for the cause of survival. In my mind this will be the ultimate organization.

Tax $$$ training terrorists? 
By Ward Daggett
Jacksonville, FL

I’ve been driving for three years. When I went to school, I paid $ 3,250. Some individuals getting out of prison got their tuition paid for under the Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) for free.

As far as terrorism, I wouldn’t doubt that my tax dollars are training some foreigner right now to drive a hazardous truck. What’s the world coming to? Workers are too busy working, our lawmakers are too busy making new laws. Where did common sense go?