Expedited Trucking InfoCenter makes its MATS debut

The expedited freight industry is introducing its industry at MATS with the addition of the Mid-America Expedited Trucking InfoCenter, sponsored by Expedite Info and Expresstrucking.com network. This new feature, located in the West Wing Pavilion, will bring attention to exhibitors offering products and services for the expedite industry.

At the information center, you will find information on expedite trucks, companies and the special equipment needed for expedited trucking. Pick up an information brochure listing sponsoring exhibitors and their booth numbers, as well as brochures of sponsoring exhibitors featuring expedite trucks, expedite companies, truck equipment, and products and services. ExpressTrucking.com personnel will be available to answer your questions relating to the expedite industry.

If you’re thinking about getting into hauling expedited freight, you can find educational material on how to get started in expediting. And, you can pick up the latest issue of “Expedite News.” Don’t forget to sign up for some great product giveaway drawings, too.