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As the wheel turns
Centramatic’s newly designed balancers 600-630, 600-640, 600-650 and 600-660 use a unique bolt pattern that fits both hub-pilot or stud-pilot assemblies. This new design fits more concentrically and assures even more precise balancing to deliver a superior ride and greater tire savings.

Centramatic is known for “On-Board” Balancers, but also offers Protrac “As-Driven” Laser Alignment Systems, Straightline Alignment Services, “Flow-Thru” Valve Caps, Super HQ Tire Gauges, Tread Depth Gauges, Valve Stems and many other items that make up a complete tire maintenance and extended tire life program.

Shower any time, anywhere 
AA Truck Sleeper Corp offers its Shower Bunk as the solution to adding the essentials to a driver’s home on the road. With the Shower Bunk, there’s no need for drivers to take a number, wait in line or go out of their way to take a shower or use the commode.

The Shower Bunk measures 36 inches deep by 90 inches wide by 80 inches high. The self-contained unit is equipped with hot and cold running water, a changing area and a utility compartment. The company designed the Shower Bunk for installation on a truck chassis directly behind an existing sleeper, enabling professional drivers to have their own personal shower and commode anywhere and everywhere they go.

Based in Fort Worth, TX, AA Truck Sleeper Corp. manufactures a variety of truck sleeper styles and also offers mobile storage units and auxiliary generators.

Musical tribute to America
Mannheim Steamroller has joined C.W. McCall for a musical tribute to our country titled “American Spirit” on the American Gramaphone label. American Spirit features a digitally recorded new version of “Convoy,” as well as another C.W. McCall down-home classic, “Wolf Creek Pass,” and the first major new recording of “America the Beautiful,” “Home on the Range” and “Battle Hymn of the Republic” in nearly 30 years.

The songs were recorded at the majestic St. Michael’s Church in Chicago, along with members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the 80-voice Chicago Symphony Chorus.

American Spirit also includes the Steamroller-ized “Star Spangled Banner,” Copland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man,” and the title track in which C.W. McCall talks about the meaning of the 4th of July. The song closes with the “Pledge of Allegiance,” recorded using the voices of the children of American Gramaphone employees, the record label of Mannheim Steamroller.

Other songs pay homage to American landmarks and national parks, such as “Yellowstone Morning,” Ferde Grofe’s Grand Canyon pictoral, “Cloudburst,” and Davis’ “Mount McKinley” recorded with the London Symphony.

Lube on the run
The Grease Jockey Automatic Chassis Lubrication System by Lubriquip Lubrication & Dispensing Systems is billed as “a simple system for long, trouble-free life.”

The pump-and-reservoir package is mounted on the chassis and controlled by a solid-state timer. The pump sends grease through a main line to remote manifold-module assemblies serving nearby groups of fittings. Injectors in each module dispense lubricant through short distribution lines to chassis lube points, fifth wheel pivot pins and plates, and other critical joints.

Grease Jockey is designed to distribute just the right amount of grease for each job through accurately sized injectors. When the pump pressurizes the main line, each injector dispenses a single, metered shot of grease. After the cycle is completed, the line pressure drops, and the spring-loaded injector recharges for the next cycle.

Protecting against deer, other road hazards
When a truck hits a deer or other wildlife, the damage could jump into the thousands, especially if the fuel tank or radiator is ruptured. It only takes one such incident to start an owner-operator looking for a solution. While hauling a load into Canada, OOIDA member Keith Jibben found a solution — Ali Arc bumpers. He says the Ali Arc bumper is the best animal collision protection available for your vehicle. Available for virtually all trucks, each unit comes with patented steel mounting bracket and tilt system; strong single-pin steel tow hitch; half-inch-high tensile aluminum bumper; highly polished, marine-grade aluminum tube work; installation instructions; and warranty.

Surviving the next truck purchase
ACA Corp. Pro-Management Systems just released “Owner-Operator Truck Purchase Kit: How to buy and finance the right truck at the right price and not get blind-sided,” the second book in the Owner-Operator Survival book series. By Bill and Kathy Ward and Marc Hirschmann, the 120-page book includes audiocassettes, recommended specification list, lease-purchase checklist, inspection and specification forms to shop your truck, sample budget, finance checklist and closing checklist.

Hear the great outdoors 
Former Nashville disc jockey and avid outdoorsman Andy Afflick has released Outdoor Trail Magazine on CD. The magazine features interviews with legends like Bill Dance, Roland Martin, Harold Knight and Earl Bentz.

Outdoor Trail Magazine features articles on hunting, fishing, boating, camping and more. Each issue has an in-depth interview with an industry leader, spotlights a new product, informs you with questions and answers from listeners, and will even feature a short segment geared toward kids. Each 75-minute CD issue retail for $9.95.

PCS expands software
PCS Software Inc. recently released Express 12.0 and Log Auditor Express. Express Log Auditor requires no double entry by using existing driver and truck information from Express 12. With batch auditing, you can input logs in any order with no presorting. This program finds missing logs so you don’t have to. Logging off-duty time is as simple as one click. Whether you’re taking one day off or a thousand days, it’s still one click. The violation finder will alert you to all log problems, including 10-hour, 15-hour, 60- and 70-hour, and speeding violations.