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Truckers Perspectives
President Bush, where’s the support for the trucking industry?

Rebecca Crawford
Tyler, TX

Following is a letter I wrote to the president concerning the cost of diesel fuel. Owner-operators are the voices who need to be heard by our government.

Dear Mr. President,

I write to you today speaking for the good of all those in the trucking industry. We are the unseen transporters of commodities who provide our great nation with food, commercial goods, machinery and all other products needed to keep our industries and communities functioning. Without this service, our country would face a literal shutdown.

The rising cost of diesel fuel needed to keep these big rigs rolling is currently at an all-time high. Although most shippers provide a fuel surcharge, it’s not enough to compensate the cost we are forced to pay at the pump, and now the talk is the cost will be rising even higher.

As we struggle to keep our trucking business going, many have already shut their doors, which is what many more trucking businesses face without your help in creating some type of regulation of the cost of diesel fuel.

In order to keep our country strong to deal with our enemies, we must keep transportation in force.

We carry our American heritage with pride, but without help, we will be defeated on our own land, allowing the enemy to gain the advantage they are so looking for — the fall of our great nation.

We must make a stand to support the transportation industry.