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Four civilian truckers killed in Iraq

By Land Line Staff

Three truck drivers and another civilian contractor died in one grisly incident in Iraq in September 2005, but the international media didn't cover the story until more than a month later.

According to Britain's The Daily Telegraph, the four were killed when their convoy took a wrong turn in a town north of Baghdad, and they were attacked by an armed mob.

The Telegraph said two of the men - one of whom was a trucker for Kellogg, Brown & Root - were killed when their truck was hit by automatic-rifle fire.

Two other KBR truckers were dragged from their vehicle alive and one was shot in the back of the head, while the other was burned alive after the crowd poured fuel on him and set him on fire.

"Land Line Now" contacted Halliburton for comment. The company responded by e-mail, confirming the deaths of three employees on Sept. 20, 2005, but did not identify the three individuals.   

Halliburton stated it could not corroborate the information contained in The Telegraph story. 

KBR had previously posted tributes to civilian contractors who died in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan. The e-mail also said 77 KBR workers have been killed in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan.

Land Line has independently confirmed the three truckers killed in the attack as Keven Dagit, 42, of Jefferson, IA; Christopher Lem, 40, of Lyndon Station, WI; and Sascha Grenner-Case, whose age and hometown were unknown at press time.

A fourth truck driver for KBR was killed in an attack Sept. 9, 2005.

Marlin "Mo" Robert Carnes, 54, was killed when his truck was hit by an improvised explosive device, or IED, according to his obituary. Details of the attack were unavailable.

Carnes was a convoy commander of tanker trucks that delivered fuel to military bases.