A sword always has two edges

In the July issue, you read about lawmakers working to give folks a break at the pump.

They’re doing that by hatching plans to cap the fuel tax, suspend state gas/fuel tax for a period or implement some other relief measure.

But there’s another message in what they said, and that’s a two-edged sword.

They figure to get their money another way. They’re willing to lower fuel taxes in an attempt to get truckers into their states, because truckers will spend money on other things – things you’ll pay sales tax on – when you stop for fuel.

That’s a natural assumption. While at a truck stop, you will spend cash.

But here’s the other edge of that sword – when you have money and someone wants you to spend that in their city, county or state, it gives you a certain amount of power.

But part of that is the economic muscle that truckers wield. I had a teacher once tell me there were three great truths in American politics – money talks, money talks and money talks.

If there’s an issue in some other state that could affect you, call the businesses that you patronize in that state. Let them know how that issue at hand could affect your business – and ultimately, where you run and where you spend your money. You are their customer – if they’re smart, they’ll listen.