Federal Update
OOIDA asks for moratorium on enforcement of light regs

By Jami Jones
senior editor

OOIDA officials requested a moratorium on recently enacted FMCSA lighting regs.

The request asks for enforcement to be suspended until conflicts are resolved and consistent final rules are published.

The FMCSA regulation in question is: ยง393.11(d), the prohibition on the use of auxiliary lamps that supplement the identification lamps. That reg states that no CMV "may be equipped with lamps that are in a horizontal line with the required identification lamps unless those lamps are required by this regulation."

However, that doesn't match guidance in the NHTSA regulations pertaining to the same lights.

"We believe that positioning auxiliary lamps at a distance that is at least twice the distance that separates each lamp in the required three-lamp cluster provides sufficient separation not to impair the effectiveness of the . cluster," the NHTSA guidance states.

NHTSA has published a rulemaking to make that guidance part of the agency's regulations.