Be Counted
Tools of another kind
TruckVote Web site gives truckers tools to become active, informed voters

OOIDA launched TruckVote in August 2004, an initiative focused on getting truckers to register and vote.

The initiative involves a Web site, TruckVote.com, which helps truckers with registering, absentee ballots, upcoming election dates and other information.

When truckers go to the TruckVote Web site, they will see two boxes in the center of the page. One asks for home state, the other asks for ZIP code.

By entering a ZIP code or selecting an individual state from the list, truckers can find specific information about their state’s voting rules. They may be directed to another Web site or linked to a series of questions that must be answered to register to vote.

For example, if you choose Alabama on the front page of TruckVote.com, it takes you to a page that provides a series of questions that you need to answer to register, including whether you have voted before, whether you are an Alabama resident and whether you have been convicted of any felonies.

When you answer those questions and then click the blue “Continue” box at the bottom, it takes you to an online registration form.

For Missouri, the site informs truckers that “Missouri requires voter registrations to be a certain format and printed on a thicker type of paper than that used by regular printers, voter registrations cannot be completed online, or from a registration form printed from the Internet.” It then gives you a link to the Missouri Secretary of State page, which allows you to request that a voter registration form be mailed to you.

From soup to nuts
About halfway down the TruckVote home page, a link called “Election Dates” takes you to another page where you can enter your state or ZIP code.

When you choose a state and then click on “Continue,” you will see a list of upcoming election dates and information about whether early voting is offered, or when you can vote absentee and under what circumstances.

A second link half way down the TruckVote home page helps you to “Register to vote absentee” in many states. Once again, enter your ZIP code or state and you will be directed to a state Web site, or a series of questions and then an online form. Most states that use online forms will require you to click a box indicating your reason for voting absentee; however, some allow you to vote absentee for any reason.

On the left side of the TruckVote.com home page, there are several OOIDA related links as well:

  • “About OOIDA” gives an explanation of the Association and its mission;
  • “Legislative Issues” takes you to a list of OOIDA’s national legislative priorities;
  • “State Watch” takes you to the portion of the Land Line site dealing with state legislative issues;
  • “Contacting Lawmakers” offers tips on how to contact your congressmen, senators, state legislators or other representatives by letter, e-mail or phone;
  • “OOIDA PAC Fund” links you to information on OOIDA’s Political Action Committee; and
  • “House and Senate Races” takes you to links that offer a complete listing of all congressional races as well as a link to access debates by candidates.