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Anti-idling incentives
A roundup of current programs

By Land Line and OOIDA staff


OOIDA gets plenty of questions like this: “Does my state have any type of grant or loan program to help me buy some kind of idle-reduction system for my truck?” That’s not a simple question to answer. A grant or loan could fall under a number of different state or federal agencies and there’s no official “master list.”

Last year, when we researched this information, we knew it would be a tough project. Tough? Getting this information from some states was like asking state officials if anyone had seen Woody Allen’s latest movie. Some were on top of it, others who didn’t get around much said, “Woody who?”

Here’s our latest list of where and how truckers can get money for anti-idling technology.

SmartWay Innovative Financing
• Funds available for state agencies to start anti-idling programs
• Savings calculator available online
Web site:
Phone: (202) 343-9269

ADEQ Small Business Loan Program
• Co-sponsored by OOIDA, SmartWay and Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality
• Loans up to $45,000 at 80 percent of prime interest rate, with loan terms up to 10 years
Web site:
Phone: 1-888-233-0326

Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Attainment Program
• More than $100 million given out since program’s start in 1998
• Technology must meet the program’s emissions standards
• At least 75 percent of miles run must be in California
Web site:
Phone: 1-800-242-4450

MPCA Small Business Environmental Improvement Loan Program
• Co-sponsored by OOIDA, SmartWay and Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
• Loans up to $50,000 available at an interest rate of 4 percent or one-half of prime interest rate, whichever is greater, with loan terms up to seven years
Web site:
Phone: In Minnesota 1-800-985-4247; outside the state, call (651) 297-8615

The New Jersey Trucker’s Challenge Grant Program
• Total of $750,000 available
• 50 percent of cost for APU up to maximum of $3,500
• 75 percent of the cost for bunk heater up to a maximum of $750
• 100 percent of the cost of an APU or bunk heater, plus a tailpipe emission control device up to a maximum $17,000
• At least 50 percent of the miles run are in New Jersey
Web site:
Phone: (732) 254-5000

Mobile Source Emissions Reduction Grants
• Broad program aimed at reducing emissions in all mobile sources including buses and trucks
• Must utilize EPA-approved technologies
Web site:
Phone: (919) 733-1498

Everybody Wins Program
• $500,000 total from the EPA’s SmartWay program
• Provides zero-interest financing for purchase of anti-idling technology
Web site:
Phone: (541) 736-1056

Pennsylvania Small Business Advantage Grant Program
• Aimed at all small businesses
• Provides 50 percent of matching grants, up to $7,500, for qualified technology
Web site:
Phone: (717) 772-5160

Emissions Reduction Incentive Grants
• Grants limited to residency in specific counties listed on Web site
• Funds can be used for lease, purchase, replacement or retrofit of anti-idling technology
Web site:
Phone: (512) 239-2474

Wisconsin Diesel Truck Idling Reduction Grant Program
• $250,000 designated specifically for small fleets of 50 or fewer trucks
• Reimbursement of 70 percent of the equipment cost and installation
• Trucks must be headquartered in Wisconsin
Web site:
Phone: (608) 267-9214

Editor’s note: As of press time, legislation was pending in Wisconsin that could impact the Wisconsin incentive program.