It’s a dog’s life out on the road

By Mark Reddig
"Land Line Now" host


A long time back, some of us here from OOIDA headquarters spent a lot of lunch breaks at a little place called Nila’s Pizza & Pub.

Among their regular groups of customers were the police officers involved in the K-9 units from several area cities.

And while the officers were in Nila’s eating lunch, their dogs were in the police cars outside, with each car idling. The purpose? To keep the air conditioning running for the dogs inside.

A trucker in the same situation would not receive an exception for their pet in the cab. It’s not fair, but it is reality.

However, the next time someone in your state or local government brings up idling restrictions, perhaps it is something you can point out.

Ask them: Will those restrictions be applied to government vehicles in the same way they’re applied to trucks? Even more, since police vehicles can idle to protect the health of a dog, why can’t a truck idle to protect the health of a human being?

See what they have to say to that.