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On the Lighter Side
One of these things is not like the other ...

By Aaron Ladage
online editor

Rumors of David Tanner’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.

For those of you who don’t recognize the name, David Tanner is a staff writer here at Land Line. He covers everything from tolling and privatization to the ongoing “hot fuel” debate.

But if you saw a recent story out of Florida that mentioned the name “David Tanner,” he’d like everyone to know that his leg is just fine – in fact, he wasn’t even in Florida at the time of the incident.

Confused? Here’s a little back story.

According to The Naples Daily News, David Tanner – in this case, a 51-year-old driving instructor from Naples, FL – was giving a driving lesson to 30-year-old Victoria Hosner, when Hosner accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake and began moving backward.

Tanner, who was standing behind the vehicle at the time, was knocked to the ground. Hosner continued backing up, ran over the driving instructor’s leg, and eventually crashed into a nearby garage, The Daily News reported.

When police arrived on the scene, they told The Daily News, they noticed Hosner’s eyes were bloodshot and her breath smelled like alcohol. A breathalyzer test revealed a blood-alcohol level of .146 – a little less than double the legal driving limit in Florida. She now faces charges for drunken driving, property damage and driving without a license.

Tanner was airlifted to a nearby hospital, but was released a few days later. David Tanner, Land Line staff writer, is also doing just fine.