‘We misspent your money, can you give it to us again?’

By Mark Reddig
"Land Line Now" host


The long-overused argument in favor of more tolling – or the even worse practice of highway privatization – is that we’re running out of highway cash, and we have to get money somewhere to pay for our roads.

But as we all know, we’re not out of highway cash – the folks we gave it to just spent it differently than they promised.

Let’s look at this another way. For instance, let’s say I have a teenage kid. And let’s say I give that kid $20 and tell him to go to the store and buy everything on a grocery list I give him.

Now, let’s say the kid comes back home with half the groceries I asked for, and no extra money. I ask him what happened, and he says he used 10 bucks on video games down at the local arcade, so he only bought half the groceries.

The teenager then says, “hey, just give me another $20 and I’ll go get the rest of your groceries.”

Would you honestly do that? Does any parent anywhere in America have any doubt what will happen to the next $20?

That is what the government is doing with things like privatization of our highways.

It’s saying: “Hey, you gave us money once through your taxes, we misspent it, so we need you to give again at the tollbooth.”

We wouldn’t do it with the kid; let’s not do it with our government.