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Readers’ Choice for most interesting products of 2007

We introduce many products in every issue of Land Line Magazine. Many are given a reader response number so that readers can get more information by mailing in a postage-paid postcard.

Every year, our staff tallies the reader responses to find out which products were the most interesting to our readers. This is our list of the 20 products that received the most reader response inquiries in 2007. Of interest were chrome, comfort, safety and a good sense of direction. If you’re heading to the Mid-America Trucking Show, look for these companies. Many of them will be there.

20 TIE The May 2007 issue revved up readers for more information on BorgWarner Turbo and Emissions Systems. “Product Showcase” introduced the S410G turbo for Cat 3406E, 600-horsepower aftermarket applications.

20 TIE February 2007 hit the charts with Virgo Fleet’s advertisement for a free catalog of truck accessories.

19  Another February 2007 favorite was highlighted in “What’s New.” Rand McNally’s Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas is geared for the trucking industry and is a must-have for your cab. Losing your way isn’t an option for Land Line readers.

18 Readers were on a quest to learn more about the Odyssey battery from EnerSys. An advertisement in the March/April 2007 issue explained the benefits of the extreme battery, including extended life and more cold starting power.

17  Electronic gadgets are so much  fun, aren’t they? GPS City did double duty  in June 2007. Its advertisement featured  Express Mounts, which are truck seat mounts for  laptops, cell phones, GPS units, satellite radios,  music players and more. It also advertised the  Garmin nüvi widescreen GPS.

16  ARI Legacy Sleepers woke readers up with its ad in the March/April 2007 issue. The advertisement featured “pre-emission trucks” with custom sleepers.

15  March/April 2007 also included Great American Chrome Shop’s advertisement. The Georgia company carries everything from chrome to lights to accessories galore.

14 Got pride? July 2007’s “What’s New” included a way to display it. Oversize Warning Products makes a line of durable flags and mounts designed to fly at highway speeds. Flag designs include Old Glory, POW-MIA, military branches and state flags.

13  TIE ASA Electronics had your back in July 2007. “What’s New” presented the Voyager Side Vision Camera, which helps drivers see beyond the normal scope of mirrors and eliminates blind spots.

13  TIE United Pacific was in the spotlight with its advertisement in February 2007. It featured the classic chrome “guide” headlight. The company offers a complete line of LEDs and accessories.

12  Gates heated things up – or perhaps cooled them down – in May 2007’s “What’s New.” The CabRunner Integrated Power System provides access to heat, air conditioning and electrical power without idling.

11  The Liberator II exhaust system wasn’t blowing smoke when it was featured in “Product Showcase.” The December 2007/January 2008 issue showcased the Liberator and the possibility of saving money by achieving greater fuel economy, increasing horsepower and meeting noise regulations.

10  Take a bite out of blind spots with The Fang, an advanced spot mirror designed for a “down-and-out” perspective. PoleCat, a division of the Mirror Lite Co. and manufacturer of The Fang, was reflected in “Product Showcase” in February 2007.

9  Interest was high for America’s Truck Wash and Chrome Shop in February 2007. Its ad offered a free catalog of chrome and stainless steel accessories. The catalog cover sported a chrome rubber duck hood ornament that’ll quack you up.

8  Great American Chrome Shop hits our list again, this time with its advertisement from the February 2007 issue.

7  SAF-Holland created heavy interest by lightening your load in June 2007. “What’s New” presented the aluminum fifth wheel, which weighs 100 pounds less than other fifth wheels.

6  Chrome Shop Mafia was a hit with its advertisement in March/April 2007. The group builds custom trucks and sells truck parts, chrome, accessories, apparel and more.

5  The February 2007 issue sported another advertisement from Chrome Shop Mafia. This one featured a calendar of outlaw trucks and die-cast trucks for purchase.

4  Ringing in on the list of favorites is Signalboost from Wilson Electronics. February 2007’s “What’s New” attracted attention to the amplifier that boosts signals,  reducing lost calls or lack of a signal.

3  The Willis APU by Auxiliary Power System ignited big interest with its advertisement in the March/April 2007 issue. The Willis APU operates even under extreme conditions, providing heat and cool air to the sleeper and cab.

2  Watts the problem? Nothing, Ranger Communications Inc., says when you have a mobile radio. Readers wanted to know more when they saw the new RCI-63FFC2 transceiver in November 2007’s “Product Showcase.”

1     Cleaning up in 2007 was California Custom Products with its Spray Shine, a water-based, spray-on carnauba wax. Featured in February’s “Product Showcase,” the wax contains no ammonia, solvents or silicone. Shine on.