Cover Story - Special Section
Your ultimate voter source

Four years ago OOIDA launched TruckVote, an initiative focused on giving truckers the tools to become active, informed voters.

The initiative involves a Web site,, which helps truckers with registering, with requesting absentee ballots, and with upcoming election dates and other information.

When truckers go to the Web site, they will see a box near the top of the page that counts down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until Election Day. Farther down the page in the left column, visitors will see a link titled “How to register.” After clicking the link, they will be sent to a page where they can scroll through a listing of states. After choosing their home state, they can click on “go” for specific information about their state’s registration rules.

For each state, residents will get information about their registration deadline, qualifications to vote, how to obtain a voter registration form, and information on absentee voting.

The home page also has several OOIDA-related links, including the following:

  • “About OOIDA” gives an explanation of the Association and its mission;
  • “Legislative Issues” takes you to a list of OOIDA’s national legislative priorities;
  • “State Watch” takes you to the portion of the OOIDA site dealing with state legislative issues;
  • “Contacting Lawmakers” offers tips on how to contact your U.S. representative and senators, state legislators or other elected officials by letter, e-mail or phone;
  • “OOIDA PAC” links you to information on OOIDA’s Political  Action Committee; and
  • “House & Senate Races” provides access not only to federal races, but also to gubernatorial and state elections.

For registration information, is about as handy and simple a Web site as you could want. LL