Barn door open, horse long gone?

By Reed Black
staff writer


This summer, U.S. Transportation Secretary Mary Peters traveled to Atlanta to “unveil the Bush administration’s comprehensive new transportation plan.” Her big announcement came only 174 days before the end of the 2,920-day-long Bush administration.

Odd timing, it would seem, to announce with fanfare that the administration is, at long last, “completely overhauling” the nation’s transportation system.

The truth is that if Bush and Peters were the parents, and our highway system was the child, they’d both be hauled off by social services for parental neglect.

The only things they’ve done for the system in eight long years is to allow the Highway Trust Fund to go bankrupt and to urge the states to sell off their roads and bridges to Wall Street and/or foreign investors.

OOIDA’s Todd Spencer says they “hung out the for sale sign.”

So Peters’ insistence that – in 174 days – they were going to fix our “broken” system would have been laughable if it weren’t so condescending.

The truth is, they left the barn door open for eight years and, sure enough, the horse (highway system) that was once the envy of the world galloped off (went broke).

But, if you can handle mixed metaphors, the foxes who’ve been guarding the transportation hen house will scamper back to their dens when the Bush administration officially ends.

Then maybe that ol’ horse can be coaxed back into the barn. LL