OOIDA launches updated Web site

OOIDA launched a newly redesigned Web site this week. Reactions range from “Terrific update!” to just plain “wow.”

Webmaster Jill Sheeks said the updated Web site took nearly a year to plan, design and execute.

The Association’s main Web site,, serves as a central hub of information for OOIDA members, the media and anyone researching issues in the trucking industry.

“The Association gathers and provides so much information on its Web sites, and that information constantly expands and changes,” said Donna Ryun, OOIDA Director of Communications. “We have long needed to get better organized. The main Web site now features new technical, visual and navigational updates that are much more effective at streamlining all of the information.”

These changes, plus the new artwork and graphics, have freshened up the visual appeal of the Web site. New sections have been added that will help members and all visitors learn more about the Association and its mission, benefits and services. 

The new sections are:

Issues & Actions outlines all of the legislative and regulatory issues the Association is pursuing on behalf of its members. It will be updated regularly in correlation with relevant changes taking place. Each topic is divided into three subsections, including a basic description, along with an up-to-the-minute status update, plus specifics on actions that members and citizens can take if they wish to communicate their concerns to lawmakers.

The Media Center is a comprehensive collection of information useful not only to reporters, but also to anyone doing research on OOIDA or trucking issues. There are also new options for users, such as RSS feeds, social bookmarking and contact information for media.

The Benefits and Services section helps members get the most out of their membership with rebates, discounts, identity management services, medical benefits and other information.

The Who We Are section contains the OOIDA mission, along with a history of the Association and contact information.

The Education and Business Tools will help members to run their businesses and will provide industry information and resources.

Other Association Web sites include:,,,, and LL