Bottom Line
Tips from OOIDA

The collapse of three major stand-alone auxiliary power unit companies in the past six months was a nasty surprise to the trucking industry. The demise of Comfort Master, Idle Buster and, most recently, RigMaster pose headaches for truck owners faced with an out-of-production APU and a flood of idling laws from coast to coast.

What do you do when you find out the company that manufactured the APU on your truck is no longer in business? There’s understandably going to be a few who are not interested in or able to do their own repair work on their out-of-production APUs and will need to find someone to take care of them. There’s still help available, so before you freak out, count to 10 and commit to memory three tips from OOIDA:

Call the dealer/installer. See if they are prepared to continue servicing your needs. Ask if they plan to honor your warranty. Some dealers are ready to service customers, no matter where you bought the unit. Some are restricting service to only if that dealer installed the unit. Some are reportedly washing their hands of any APUs no longer in production.

Search out alternative servicing facilities. They are out there, and OOIDA can advise you. There are shops that can work on any of the three out-of-production APUs, as well as others.

Go back to the parts maker. For instance, RigMaster has a Perkins 2-cycle engine and Onan generator. According to OOIDA’s Truck Finance Manager Margo Fries, both Perkins and Onan are ready to make good on their part. 

Proprietary parts could be a problem, but there are shops that service those parts and even rebuild them.

One more tip: Don’t ruin your credit by thinking you suddenly don’t have to pay for this equipment any longer. Plan to honor your payments to whatever institution financed it.

OOIDA members: Your Association is your best source on this one. Contact the Member Assistance Department for the scoop.

– By Land Line staff