‘Illinois: Where our governors make our license plates’

Sandi Soendker
Managing Editor


Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich is a guy whose name is far from being new to OOIDA members and well, all truckers. We know him as the governor who has used his veto power multiple times to stop Illinois from getting rid of its split speed limit even though the state Legislature favored uniform speeds. As we go to press, this split speed limit battle is being fought again in Illinois. This time, with Blago out of the picture, it appears good sense may prevail.

Changing speed limit policy in Illinois has been a heckuva war. OOIDA fought Blagojevich tooth and nail over it. And to think – we could have just offered him money.

Money is certainly something he now needs badly. Impeached earlier this year and already facing conspiracy and fraud charges, in April he was indicted on 16 more felony counts. He’s got no steady job and needs funds to pay his hairdresser and his lawyers.

Well, I have an idea on how he might finance his defense. Maybe he should start cashing in on some custom T-shirts and bumper stickers? Plenty of others are making some bucks off his situation – not to mention his hair – so I am surprised he hasn’t jumped on it.

It doesn’t take long to find the red-hot Blago items online. Tote bags, T-shirts, jerseys and mugs, buttons and stickers – all with zingers like “I offered Rod Blagojevich a half million dollars and all I got was this stupid tee-shirt.” Then there’s “Illinois, Land of Corruption” and “Crook County” in classic black. One tee is kinda psychedelic with Blago’s face in the middle grinning; the words proclaim “Nothing But Sunshine Over Me.” More say “Spare the Rod, Spoil the State” and “In Rod We Trust.”

Then, the same grinning face, beady eyes and Beatle hair with “Would you buy a Senate seat from this man?”

Another with Blago in a prison outfit: “No stars just stripes.”

Then my favorite: “Illinois: where our governors make our license plates.” LL