Anticipating Olympics, BC eases wheelbase rule

As British Columbia prepares for an increase in traffic with equipment entering the province for the 2010 Winter Olympics, it is easing the process for carriers coming into BC with long-wheelbase tractors.

The province’s wheelbase law has always been a thorn in the side of American truckers, as BC has restricted tractors to a wheelbase of 244 inches. Many American trucks could not legally operate there with their stock U.S. trucks because of this limit. With the new policy, a permit can be obtained.

According to a compliance circular published by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure’s Commercial Safety and Enforcement Branch, depending on the length of the tractor and the semitrailer wheelbases, permits may be necessary.

The exception is: For every additional inch of tractor wheelbase, they have to reduce their overall permissible length accordingly.

For your copy of the compliance circular, click here. LL