Cover Story
Green to keep you green
OOIDA’s online "Guide to Free Money" may help you upgrade equipment

By Charlie Morasch
staff writer


States, counties, nonprofit agencies and other groups are distributing millions in grants to help pay for trucks, diesel particulate filters, APUs and other emissions-reduction technologies.

To keep the variety of federal, state, nonprofit and other grants straight, Land Line has compiled and maintained its own grant opportunity list by using information from the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as by talking to many state and nonprofit agencies directly.

The list is available by visiting Land Line’s website at and clicking on the section titled “OOIDA’s Guide to Free Money.” OOIDA members who do not have Internet access can request a copy of the list by calling the Association’s Membership Department.

Because the list of programs and eligible funding is fluid, truckers should check back. Although you might not qualify for those listed today, new programs will be added as they are opened up.

That also means the list will need updating. If you know of a grant program that isn’t on this list or about information that should be updated, please let us know by calling 800-444-5791 or e-mailing or LL