State Watch
States pursue heftier OOS penalties

Gov. John Lynch has signed a bill into law that will soon bring New Hampshire law in line with federal regulations for out-of-service penalties. Other states have also taken action to make anyone who violates OOS orders pay a steep price.

In addition to New Hampshire, other states to act to beef up their penalties include Indiana, New Jersey, South Dakota and West Virginia. And the issue continues to be discussed at the California statehouse.

Joe Rajkovacz, OOIDA’s director of regulatory affairs, said states have every incentive to make sure their rules mirror federal standards. Not only is it a safety issue, but he said states have to look out for their best interests.

“If they’re not compliant these states run a risk of having federal funds withheld,” Rajkovacz said.

The changes to New Hampshire law take effect Jan. 1, 2011.