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Two heroes and a couple of good kids
Covering member news and the happenings in trucking is much like reporting community news; it’s just that our stomping ground is bigger than most. Keeping up with the "community news" keeps our big old coast-to-coast neighborhood connected.

By Kerry Evans-Spillman
Land Line staff 


Two truckers save pregnant woman from burning car
One day in mid-September, OOIDA Member David Kachura and Land Line reader Brian Dobson were following one another in their trucks when they came upon a pileup on US Highway 169 in Tulsa, OK.

In addition to the crash, a puff of smoke and some flames got David’s attention. He and Brian stopped their trucks, grabbed extinguishers and attempted to put out the fire coming from one of the wrecked vehicles.

David and Brian quickly realized their fire extinguishers weren’t going to contain the blaze, and the woman in the burning car couldn’t get out. Her car was sandwiched between two other vehicles in the pileup and the damage kept her from opening the doors.

Using the bottoms of the extinguishers, the men made several attempts to break the car windows, eventually trying to kick them out with no success. They then tried prying the driver side door open with their fingers, but the heat and flames prevented them from holding on long enough to open the door.

A motorcyclist came to assist. With his help, Brian was able to get the passenger side door open, and the woman finally escaped the fire. David and Brian helped her get safely away from it. As they were ushering her to an area where she would be shielded behind another vehicle, they heard an explosion behind them.

Once they had her out of harm’s way, David heard her telling someone else on the scene that she was pregnant. Fortunately, she was not seriously injured in the crash.

“It’s a good feeling, knowing that you helped somebody,” David told Land Line Now’s Reed Black. “It’s even a better feeling when you know that you helped two, one being unborn and given a chance on life.”

Alliance Transportation and parent company GCC held a special ceremony for David and Brian at the Tulsa location, followed by a party for all their drivers. General Manager Bob Boyes recognized both men with the company’s Gold Star award.

David credits his company with giving their drivers the training and equipment necessary to be able to respond to emergencies and for stressing the importance of safety at all times. He hopes this situation will help more people realize truckers do care about safety, not only their own but the safety of those with whom they share the road.

An update on Chance Rodgers
The last time we checked in with OOIDA Member Jim Rodgers of Beatty, OR, he was giving us an update on his grandson, OOIDA Member Chance Rodgers. At age 11, Chance fought and survived bone cancer. Now age 15, he recently had surgery to remove three spots from his lung.

Of the three spots that were removed, one was malignant. Papa Jim told us the cells surrounding the cancerous area have tested negative, indicating all the bad tissue has been removed.

One of Chance’s biggest concerns was the thought of going through chemotherapy again. Because all of the cancerous cells have been surgically removed, he will avoid it. Chance even got to leave the hospital a few days earlier than expected.

Jim says Chance is doing good but still sore. After Chance got out of the hospital, he spent a few days hanging out with Papa while he built a deck. The Rodgers family is taking things day by day as Chance recovers and gets back to his life as a regular (and courageous) teenager. LL