When tolls create a ‘pay-to-play’ barrier

By Mark Reddig
Host Land Line Now


Trucks are often described as “rolling piggy banks.” And for truckers, it’s not a happy nickname.

Governments, private companies, enforcement officers and toll road authorities all seem to think trucks are traveling revenue sources.

It’s become particularly bad on the East Coast. One trucker recently called us – angry as heck about a heavy toll he received crossing the Delaware River. His concern was that eventually he would have to stop plying the upper East Coast because of the cost.

Here’s my prediction: If they keep raising the tolls – and if toll bridges and toll roads effectively create a “pay to play” barrier between New England, New Jersey and New York and the rest of our country – then one of two things will happen.

Either rates will eventually rise to compensate, or the large carriers will start asking for some kind of surcharge to compensate.

Either way, folks in New England and New York will start paying a lot more for what they buy at the store. And their goods will cost a lot more for anyone elsewhere in the country buying them. LL