Line One
Roses & Razzberries

By Terry Scruton
Land Line Now senior correspondent


OOIDA Member Steve McFarlin of Maynard, AR, would like to send out some RAZZBERRIES to the Casper, WY, Star-Tribune.

The paper ran a story not long ago about three child molesters arrested last year in Casper. One of the accused happened to be a truck driver. Somehow, the paper thought this was the only occupation of the three that was worth mentioning.

Let’s be clear here: what these men did is despicable, horrifying and downright evil. But why did the paper feel the need to identify one as a truck driver without bothering to mention the careers of the other two?

For some reason, the phrase “double standard” springs to mind.

OOIDA Member Jeff Martin of Twin Falls, ID, offers up some RAZZBERRIES to the city of Phoenix, AZ.

Jeff drives through there on a regular basis and says the city has carpool lanes on its major highways. Nothing wrong with that, but Jeff says the trouble is they let everybody use them. He’s seen cars and trucks with single drivers zip in and out of those lanes without giving it a second thought.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Jeff says he has even seen an Arizona state trooper using the carpool lane as a hammer lane, too. Who knows Jeff? Maybe the trooper was just looking for carpool lane violators to pull over. It seems unlikely, but stranger things have happened.

An OOIDA member who only identified himself as Paul from L.A. would like to give some RAZZBERRIES to the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Paul was driving on Interstate 264 around Louisville a while back and traffic was backed up everywhere because of construction. Paul says he called the state DOT and asked why they didn’t have messages on the overhead signs directing people to use the outer loop instead.

The DOT’s reply? They said if you have a problem, you need to call the sign company, which is based in Ohio.

Call us crazy, but should the DOT at least be aware of what’s going on in its own state? We know Ohio is right next door but still, this is ridiculous. Sounds like the chicken isn’t the only thing that’s fried in Kentucky.

ROSES go out to the Honor Network, the group behind the U.S. Honor Flag, for reaching out to Jasmine “Jazzy” Jordan and bringing some welcome publicity and attention to her effort to run across the country for the St. Christopher Fund.

The Honor Flag is flown across the country to honor fallen police officers, firefighters and military in a display of patriotism. And if there’s one group that knows about patriotism, it’s truck drivers.

So thanks to Jazzy and the Honor Flag for working to bring attention to these unsung heroes on the road, overseas and in your hometown.

RAZZBERRIES to Arrow Trucking Co. for shutting down and leaving hundreds of drivers stranded all around the country just days before Christmas.

The higher-ups may not have planned to shut the company down at that time of year, but there’s no way they didn’t see it coming at all. They were still scheduling deliveries and sending drivers out on the road even though they knew the company was in trouble. And then when it did happen they left everybody high and dry, in some cases still under loads, with nowhere to go.

At the very least it’s just poor planning on their part. At the worst, it’s a bunch of Scrooges who ignored the ghost of Christmas present and apparently weren’t too keen on the future either.

We do have to hand out some ROSES, though, to everyone who was involved in helping out and stepping up to the plate when it was needed most to help get those drivers off the road, get them home, get them new jobs or even just get them something to eat.

It was a great thing to watch as the generosity of the trucking industry came through yet again and rallied hard when their fellow truckers were in need.

And a special shout-out goes to Donna Creekmore, who worked as “Driver Advocate” at Arrow and to OOIDA Member Eric Mende. Donna, on her own time, spearheaded much of the effort to help get these drivers home. And Eric spent a lot of his own time and money to lend a hand.

Thanks to them and everyone who helped out during that troubling time. LL


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